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Diet Coke Presents: The Slender Vender

Diet Coke fits beautifully into one’s lifestyle — and so does its Slender Vender: The thinnest vending machine in the world. It fits where others can’t and may show up in a place you’d least expect. Discover how people react when they see it.

Nicely done!


Milk Carton 2.0: The Most Valuable Project

The Milk Carton 2.0 project utilised a new Google Search, showcasing missing child cases instead of ads, a pinterest board per case to help people pin and identify things they saw the child wearing or being moved in, Facebook profiles were turned into broadcast stations for people who opted into the idea, and finally, a mobile tool that sends alerts/info to Foursquare checkpoints closest to where the child was reported missing

Nice work! Won Silver in mobile at Cannes


via Grey Canada.


Scrabble WiFi

There has been some really interesting interaction put into the process of connecting to a free public WiFi hotspots.

Looking at this marketing approach reminds me of this “Post from Japan” campaign that aims to boost Japan tourism after the 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami.