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Intel: Quark, a tiny chip for the internet of things and wearable computing

Intel CEO Bryan Krzanich just pulled out the tiny Quark X1000 chip at the 2013 Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, and explained that it’s for the internet of things: Intel will provide equally miniature reference boards and software to help developers put tiny communicating computers in just about everything — including smartwatches, if developers are interested.

To demonstrate the potential for Edison, Intel showed a concept for a “Nursery 2.0.” In the concept, a baby was wearing a Mimo onesie outfitted with sensors tracking things like temperature, and Edison was used to display that information on, of all things, a coffee mug. When the baby was comfortable, blinking lights on the mug show a happy green smiling face, but when something is wrong that face turns red. A much more useful application, however, involved using Edison to switch on a bottle warmer when your baby starts to stir, that way it’s ready come feeding time.

via: PSFK, The Verge,